Environment protection

Northern Cyprus being cleaned up again by caring people!

By Chris Elliott….

We have written a lot in support of those groups who are trying to make a difference by cleaning our beaches, picnic areas and tourist places with the support of local authorities.

This week on Temiz Kibis-A Clean Cyprus and other Facebook pages Diana Suyunshalina and her friends who are once again out and about with their friends collecting rubbish dumped by selfish people or by nature in the form of winds or waves in the sea. In the latter case rubbish is still dumped by people and they should be ashamed that they are wrecking our beautiful island .…

These are the messages by these very caring people:

“Today 20th March we cleaned around Lambousa tombs. Hasan Akyigit the head of KIBTEK, Girne joined us. We are very happy that people like him, who cares for their country, participate in our activities.”

They also shared a video as under asking readers to share it so that as many people as possible can be encouraged to join in to help clean up Northern Cyprus.

“Please SHARE!!!

There are people who care for this beautiful island. And every day there are more and more of us. We believe that soon we can make our island the best island in the world.”