The Quest by Nick Vye,  Part 6, Experience out of the Pyramid

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

The Quest – Part 6 – Experience out of the Pyramid

As they travelled into the light with Zac’s Master Gopal Das, he projected his thoughts into their minds. I’m taking you to the planet Venus to meet Rami Nuri, Master of the Capital City Retz. It is in a different frequency so it cannot be seen from earth or telescope with the naked eye. It has to be seen through the Third Eye. Rami Nuri is in charge of the Temple of Golden Wisdom on that plane called the House of Moska. He is nearly 7 ft tall and wears a turban over his head and has a short beard.

He greeted them all warmly and they were ushered inside to contemplate with him, a very honoured invitation, not given out easily but with their guardian Gopal Das they were allowed. What followed therein cannot be spoken of to others as it is a personal experience and physical words cannot do it justice as it is not of this level and has to be experienced to realise and understand it. All was part of their spiritual development.  Maybe at a later date they will write about it, but for now it must remain a secret.

There’s no time there so they were unable to tell how long they had been gone from their journey out of the Great Pyramid. Only when their travel ended and their consciousness returned were they aware of being back in the Great Pyramid.

It was 3.00am in the morning when Peter looked at his watch and they became aware of being back in the chamber. The light had now gone and everything was dark as it was before. They made their way down the ascending passageway by torchlight, to where they had hidden before. Both sat down with their backs against the wall and before long fell into a deep sleep. In their dreamtime a lot was happening.

The sound of the gate keeper’s bell ringing awoke them. They stumbled out of the Pyramid into the rays of the early morning sunlight. Well that was some experience said Zac.There’s no words to describe it Peter answered. With that they started to walk towards the tourist bus and make their way back to Cairo and the hotel.

On the journey back on the bus, Peter had a flash of memory. Zac he said thoughtfully, I remember many years ago with an early girl friend on holiday in Greece. We were staying on the Island of Santorini, high up. It was just like the city of Retz on Venus, all around domed blue roofs over small white buildings. Zac smiled at him knowingly, An old occult adage he said to Peter AS ABOVE SO BELOW, he said confidently, all is just a lesser copy here my friend ….

to be continued …..