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NEU Exhibition of paintings by Azerbaijani Artists opened

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The exhibition of art pieces prepared by 9 Azerbaijani artists especially for the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, entitled  “Exhibition of Azerbaijani Artists”, was opened by Mr. Ersin Tatar, the Head of the National Unity Party.

According to the press release issued by the  Near East University, the exhibition was opened at the exhibition Hall of Near East University Hospital.  In addition to the Head of National Unity Party Ersin Tatar, Member of Parliament Aytaç Çaluda, Central District Governor Ahmet Arslan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Assoc Prof Dr. İrfan S. Günsel, Vice General Secretary of National Unity Party Ahmet Savaşan, Vice Rectors, Deans, Academicians, Azerbaijani artists and guests also attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

In a speech delivered on the occasion, Mr.  Namig İsmayılzada, the Azerbaijan artist, asserted that they were quite happy and proud to be a part of this exhibition. Moreover, he expressed that as one of the Turkic countries,  their artworks have paved way for mutual future cooperation.  Namig İsmayılzada ended his words by quoting Atatürk’s words “Ne Mutlu Türk’üm Diyene” (how happy is the one who calls himself/herself a Turk).

Also making a speech, Azerbaijani Artist Vugar Aliyev stated that they were very happy to be a part of the exhibition and expressed gratitude to the Founding Rector of Near East University Dr. Suat İrfan Günsel for initiating such a great project; causing the Turkish communities to come together at a single location. Vugar Aliyev reasserted that as Azerbaijani artists, they were pleased to be there and added that meticulous efforts were put forth to hold the exhibition due to the awareness that these works of art will be passed on to future generations via this museum.

Head of National Unity Party Ersin Tatar stated that it was rather significant to continue to work productively and leave a valuable heritage to future generations. In this regard, he expressed many thanks to the Near East Family for providing such an environment which will serve for this purpose.