Adventure on the road with cyclist Abdulhalim Akçay – Part 6

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

39 years old Abdulhalim AKÇAY is is on his tour of Turkey on his  bicycle. He started off his tour on 28th November 2018. He intends to visit 81 provinces and 800 districts in a period of 2 years.

CyprusScene is following him through his daily postings in Facebook.  Here is his journey from 6th to 12th March.

98th day (06/03/2019)

A day earlier he had taken off from SELAHATTIN village, which still has some remains of the Greek , Bulgarian and Selanik culture. He spent the whole day visiting historical places and the museum.

The road was very steep, which  created a problem for cycling, but he continued moving ahead.  He toured the old remains of Efes. It was a wonderful day when he met a number of tourists and toured through the remains of the historical EFES .

99th day (07/03/2019)

It was a rest day for him. He had spent the night near  a house in SELCUK area. He had a nice breakfast with Mr. Recep and his wife Filiz. He spent a good day of rest and walking along the beach. The weather was fine and he had a wonderful rest day.

100th day (08/03/2019)

He felt very happy in completing the 100th day of his adventure. Crossing this mark added much confidence in him. He decided to celebrate the day by giving himself yet another  day of rest. He spent the day  strolling around the beach, and visiting different areas nearby. Mr. Recep and his wife had been very supportive and helpful to him. He had a wonderful day.

101st day (09/03/2019)

After having breakfast with the family of Mr. Recep he started off towards KUŞADAŞI. It was a short distance of 10 kilometers. He took a quick tour of the city centre. The local people were friendly and some of them were following him through social media. Two cycling lovers accompanied him. They fixed up their tents at a suitable place.The whole day was spent in visiting various parts of the city.

102nd day (10/03/2019)

After a short tour of the area, he started off towards DIDIM, where the ancient city of Millet is located. On his way he met a Chinese tourist family.  He also met a group of cycling lovers who accompanied him for the next 20 kilometers  until arriving in  DIDIM. After touring the area, he ultimately fixed his tent at the side of the BAFA lake.

103rd day (11/03/2019)

He started off at about 9.30am towards MILAS.  Next stop was KARACEBİL, which is a small place, where he stopped to have tea. The road was having too many ups and downs, which made him very tired. He reached Milas in the afternoon, after a tiring expedition. The area has many historical remains . He spent most of the remaining time of the day visiting them.

104th day (12/03/2019)

He reached TORBA from Milas. The total distance covered was approximately 80 kilometers. Two friends on bicycles who had been accompanying him for the last two days, departed and continued their travel towards Antalya. He decided to stay at TORBA. He had planned to take a couple of days off to rest there.