THE QUEST by Nick Vye, Part 5,  The Great Pyramid of Giza

By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

The Quest – Part 5 – The Great Pyramid of Giza

Cairo is a large bustling city, it’s hard to believe the Great Pyramid is literally on the outskirts of the city approx 8 miles away.

Standing there like a great edifice, placed there on the sands by some strange outside force. So unbelievable, at 450 ft tall and that’s without the capstone that is missing.  Facing the four points of the compass, exactly when first built and in the centre of the earth. Over 2,600,000 blocks of stone, weighing half a ton – to one and a half tons each and some inside of the King’s Chamber 70 tons each. Today with all our modern day technology we cannot build with the same inside / outside perfection.

We arrived by traditional camel late afternoon. The sun was sinking lower in the sky, thus taking the oppressive heat of the day away.  Zac intended to bribe one of the guards, so we could be locked in the Pyramid for the night.  As he wanted us to experience the illumination of light that appears to the true seeker and shows the way to travel to a different dimension, or star system.  Maybe Orion or The Plaeides which are both connected with the Pyramid.

It’s so impressive inside, one can only wonder, who managed to build it. The Grand Gallery alone defies belief, it’s so magnificent. The ascending passageway leading to the King’s Chamber, where a large empty sarcophagus looking shaped piece of granite lies,  bigger than the entrance to the chamber. Question – how did it get in there? There’s a constant temperature in the Pyramid brought about by incorporated air shafts built into the design.

As the time came for the visitors to leave, we were told to stay in a certain location inside. Zac’s bribe had worked, and they would be alone in there until the site was opened at 8-00am the next morning. Peter had his trusty torch with him and a flask of local tea.  It became very still and quiet in there, especially now the electric lighting had been turned off. They came out of their hidden location and by torch light made their way again up the ascending passage way to the King’s Chamber. After some time their eyes became accustomed to the dark and they could see the outline of the Grand Gallery. Slowly with the aid of the torch light, they found themselves inside the King’s Chamber. The granite sarcophagus was nearly 7 ft long and hollowed out inside.  Zac would lie inside and Peter would sit along the back edge.  As sound was an important part of the ceremonial ritual Zac chanted the HU mantra.

It was now well past midnight and Peter was beginning to feel a little nervous. Zac sensed it and told him to breathe slow and deep and focus his attention on the sound of the HU, which had started to produce a vibrating frequency around them. Have no fear he thought to himself silently.  All of a sudden they were aware of a dim light, coming from the apex of the roof chamber.  It gradually became brighter and formed the shape of a doorway. Coming through the light appearing in a golden ray was the most handsome man Peter had ever seen. He had long blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes that shone and the aura of wisdom and love surrounded him. They both became aware of a heightened state of consciousness, and realised they were being drawn out of their bodies and were now in their soul bodies, following the beckoning figure, through the illuminated doorway and into another realm of beingness.

What followed in their experience was exclusive to them.

To be continued …..