August 19, 2022

By Peri Sualp…..

Hello everyone, this week I would like to inform you about 3 upcoming concerts that I think you might be interested in attending.

The first one is on 8th March, World Women’s Day. Saint Hilarion Strings Quartet (Muharrem Cemoglu – violincello, Selcuk Manecioglu – first violin, Ozlem Cubukcu – second violin and Turgay Orses – viola) have been working hard for this performance for a long time. The pieces will consist of the songs of Kamran Aziz and Jale Dervis that have never been heard before. These two ladies were two of the most important characters who had a huge contributions to music life during their time in Cyprus. The concert will be accompanied by short biography of Kamran Aziz and Jale Dervis prepared by Eralp Adanir and some poems read by Filiz Yuvali.  Even though this event is at short notice, I highly recommend it as this is a one time chance to listen to these two precious ladies’ songs which have never been heard before.  

8th March at Kyrenia Chamber Theatre at 20:00 – free of charge 

The second upcoming event is from a new established trust by a few nice people in the name of their unexpectedly lost friend in a traffic accident – Akan Gurkan Educational Trust. The aim of the trust is to help the young and successful students in need in their education life. The very first event is coming in accordance with the aim; ‘1st Young Talents Concert’.  Children of different age levels will be playing instruments and there’ll be one or two songs as well. I was asked to participate so I’ll be singing a song to support the cause. 

5th April at Bellapais Monastery at 20:00 – tickets 30 TL at Deniz Plaza’s, Gloria Jeans and Bellapais ticket office

The third one will be an Easter concert for the benefit of Charisma Association for Charismatic Children With Special Abilities. I will be performing with many others, including my teacher Demetra George, Zara Barkhoudarian, Katie Economidou, Edgar Evoyan, Nefeli Antoniou and Maria Kyprianou. I suggest you should make a note of this event that will take place in the mystic inner walls of the Holy Cross Catholic Church in South Nicosia. 

17th April at Holy Cross Catholic Church, South Nicosia at 20:00 – tickets will be sold for 5€/30TL – contact numbers for tickets: 99665460/96400752/99427540

I congratulate all the women for 8th March World Women’s Day – including myself 🙂

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