January 29, 2023

By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

As you know Abdulhalim Akçay, a cyclist, is presently touring Turkey on his bicycle. He intends to complete his tour, covering 81 provinces and 800 districts in a two year period. Cyprusscene.com is following him on a day to day basis.

Hereunder is a summary of his ongoing adventure from 20th to 26th February 2019 onwards.

84th Day (20/02/2019)

He started heading for BABADAĞ in the Karacasu area. It was a difficult for cycling, as the road was steep, to reach the top of the hill. The hill was mostly covered with snow. It was a wonderful scene, as until now it was the first time since the tour started that he found snow around him. It had taken him more than 3.5 hours to cover a distance of 9 kilometers.. From there he moved towards SARAYKÖY, and headed fast towards the centre of DARAYKÖY.

85th day (21/02/2019)

He stayed in his tent last night. The next stop was at SIRMA village, He was facing a problem with his camera, but had managed to sort that out to some extent. The scenery was beautiful all around. There was no other way but to go to DENİZLİ, which is the main city of the area. But it was far away. So he decided to leave his bicycle and board the bus. He got his camera repaired in Denizli and returned back by bus. It was the first time that he had boarded a bus, since he started his tour on his bicycle. He returned back by the evening and fixed his tent to spend the night at AKKÖY village.

86th day (22/02/2019)

The next morning he went to the KARAHAYIT area where there were hot water springs. However he had had to move ahead for PAMUKKALE. Here he met a number of tourists. Some were from China, a few from Iran and Pakistan. He came across Mr. Gökhan here, who not only offered him lunch, but also helped in other ways too. Here the cycling lover Mr. Sertaç, whom he had met earlier, had got a room reserved for him in a hotel for a night’s stay. The night at the hotel and the food was wonderful. A good night sleep ended the day.    

87th day (23/02/2019)

The Evora Teknik Yapı arranged for a night’s stay in Denizli. Starting off early, he started off for the HONAZ, It was hilly area, so the roads were zigzag. But the scenery was lovely and worthy of seeing. The weather was fine, and people were mostly enjoying the weather. In Honaz he toured the Aşıklar hill, where everybody extended a helping hand to him. He spent a good day in that area

88th day (24/02/2019)

The night was spent in the tent near a petrol station, in the ÇUKURKÖY area of HONAZ district. It was a comparatively cold night. The day was quite cool, very different from Pamukkale, where it was rather hot. The road to the next stop SERINHISAR, was again hilly, and it was difficult to continue by bicycle. He had had to get off frequently and push it. The scenery was beautiful, and people were cooperative. The whole day was a tough one, which ended by approaching the city centre of ACIPAYRAM.


89th day (25/02/2019)

Mr. Bayram Bayan, a cyclist accompanied him on the tour of Serinhisar and Acıpayam. He also met the municipality head.

Mr. Bayram accompanied him until the outskirts of the area.

The next stop was TAVAS, where the weather was beautiful. Here he came across, Ali Kemal, an another bicycle lover, with whom he toured the whole area, and went  to the museum.

90th day (26/02/2019)

The next day he found some problem with his bicycle. It was the first time that he had come across a technical problem with it, since the start of the tour. He  managed going forward but with difficulty. He got his bicycle repaired at a local repair shop, and continued the tour of the area.

It was a tough ride, However he managed to have a look at the historical fort of the area.


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