CyprusScene adds more help and support for its readers!

By Chris Elliott…..

Firstly I would like to reach out to those who do or would like to read our online enewspaper and also take this opportunity of thanking Geoffrey Quick who wrote to us in response to our weekly newsletter about Issue 62 and said the following:

“Thanks so much for a brilliant ‘paper’. How you manage week in week out amazes me… and for free!

I prepare a monthly on-line parish magazine back in the UK, and that takes a great deal of effort gathering copy etc. So how you do it weekly is a miracle.

Once again well done and keep it up !


Yes our team of contributors and others send us lots of news and reviews and for Margaret Sheard and I it’s a big challenge to ensure we keep faith by publishing what is sent to us.

Naturally this keeps us fully occupied but we do try to keep up with the need to appraise and redevelop our website and enewspaper to maximise our readers enjoyment so I would like to draw readers attention to the following.



On our website home page you can select to view our enewspaper online (option 1) download the current free enewspaper (option 2) or select from our library (option 3) as many free newspapers you wish to download.

Mobiles and Tablets

The internet in North Cyprus is OK or just struggling and with 40% of our visitors using mobiles we would like to offer some advice to those that need it, if they are to see and get maximum information when visiting CyprusScene.

A mobile or tablet does not show the complete web page unless the user scrolls down (Fig 1) and enable the “See All option”  and then you will be able to scroll down and see the side bars and footer bar below the postings where there are many very useful widget links shown which offer you so much information plus options to interact with CyprusScene or even contact us or register for newsletters or news of articles posted.

By clicking on (Fig 2) you can select many other options and sources of information.