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KAR Education Team visited the Necat British College.

Reader’s mail….

We see that the KAR Educational Team have been busy again and this time they visited the Necat British College and this is what they had to tell us.

Carole, Maggie and Annie

Carole Widdison
Kyrenia Animal Rescue
Education team

“Maggie Smith, her Cyprus terrier Annie and I spent two very enjoyable and rewarding mornings at the Necat British College on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of January. There were 51 children altogether from Year 4 (8 year olds) in three groups with their teachers of English.

Each pupil was given the Happy Pets workbook which was theirs to take home to share with their family at the end of the lessons. On Wednesday we used pictures on the wall, activities in the workbook and Annie to talk about what dogs and cats need to be happy, healthy and safe. This included a calculation to show how quickly the number of cats increase if they are not neutered. The children were very keen to take part and answer questions and tell us their stories.

On Thursday we concentrated on how to keep children safe around cats and dogs and how to recognise what the body language of cats and dogs means.  The children were given a picture to discuss in pairs which showed a situation where the dog would not be happy and the child may be at risk, for example a child teasing the dog by taking its bone away. Each pair of pupils was keen to show their picture and tell the class about it and share any of their own stories.

We finished with the activity which shows the pupils how to behave around animals on the streets or if they want to stroke someone`s dog. Annie is very happy to be stroked to demonstrate this having asked the owner, Maggie, first. We then show them how `to stand like a tree` to be calm when approached by dogs on the street.  We stress what they should not do, for example, scream, kick, throw stones or run away.

Thank you to Natalie Haigh for organising the visit and the teachers Deniz Demirağ, Cansu Talıpoğluları and Paula Branch for supporting us in the classes.”

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  1. Good day!

    Do you have classes for grade 7 & grade 10?
    how much is the fees?
    If you do not have, kindly send me some hints to find.

    Thanks in advance for your support!!