February 6, 2023


Readers mail….

We receive many enquiries for information in response to our publications on Cyprusscene and below is the reply from my wife Mary to an enquiry about MOT Tests in 2019.

Thank you ,
Trevor Hughes



I bought my car February 2016 and know I need a 3 year MOT. The station told me my car cannot be MOT’d until November, based on my number plate. This will be almost 4 years and my current certificate will be out of date for getting a certificate to drive in the south.

Is this correct?

Many thanks


Reply to enquiry:

Hı Lynette

What you have been told is correct, when you purchased your vehicle it would have an MOT, then you have to renew your MOT when the new dates come out in January 2019.

If  you give me your Registration number I can give you the exact 2 week period in which you need to MOT your car.

Going over the border, the only documents they recognise are driving licence, passport, and log book, so nothing to worry about.

We do a monthly news round which I send out via e.mail and also goes on Cyprus Scene website and Enewspaper which is free to you and will keep you up to date on the ever changing things here in the TRNC.

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Customer Representative
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For our other readers,  to see the full list of MOT test dates for 2019 please see below and if you have any questions you wish to ask please send me details through the contact box below.

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