North Cyprus Trevor’s Tips for February 2019

By Trevor Hughes……

Government Increases…..

See below the latest price increases which came into force on January 2019

MOT Dates 2019

MOT’s are now 242TL, If one day late or more it is 357TL.

Emissions test is now 30TL

MOT Test dates indicated by vehicle number plate prefix

Changing a name on vehicle koçan (log book)

0 to 5-year-old vehicle                           602 TL

5 to 10-year-old vehicle                         360 TL

Over 10-year-old vehicle                       240 TL

Removing a Name from a Log Book   1271 TL

Postage Stamps Needed                       3.5 TL

500/1000 Ltr Gaz Tank Permits

The cost of the annual permit for a 500 TL Gaz tank has gone up to 586TL and the cost for an annual permit is now 65.7TL

Payment must be made each January and late payment will attract an additional monthly fine of 3% cumulative for every month it is not renewed.

If you intend selling your property and do not have an up to date permit it may prevent its sale!!!!

Temporary Residency Permits

For those whom it is mandatory to apply for this permit, or those who are 60 years or older and wish to continue renewing, the permits have risen to 223TL for six months and 448TL for a one-year permit, a two-year permit is now 897TL.

The cost of applying for a TRNC Citizenship has gone up to 1014TL.


1 YEAR NEW DRIVER                       240.00 TL

2 YEAR                                              350.00 TL

3 YEAR                                              470.00 TL

5 YEAR                                              720.00 TL

10 YEAR                                          1195.00 TL

STUDENT                                          350.00 TL

LEARNER DRIVER                           485.00 TL

REPLACEMENT LICENCE                175.00 TL


Road Taxes 

To calculate how much your next road fund licence will be, for cars under the age of 5 years multiply the number of kilo’s your vehicle weighs, times the amount per kilo. Remember, as your car in the TRNC gets older, the amount of road fund due reduces. The amount due will probably be approximately the same you paid in the previous year, confusing isn’t it?

Work Permits

These have also risen, six months will cost 253TL.  For a one-year permit 548TL  and 1528TL for a two-year permit.

These are just a few of the Government services that have risen by 30%, but the above are the increases most likely to affect our readers.

Other 30% Price Increases for Government Services.

Foreigners Work Permits

Marriage Births and Deaths

Real Estate Taxes

Firearm Licences

Attorney Fees

There are Moves afoot to increase the Annual Belediyesi Property Tax.

Because of the poor financial situation of many provinces, the elected Mayors have warned that unless the annual property tax is increased, residents will have to experience a reduction in the services they provide.

They are currently in discussion with members of Parliament to find a way to increase the tax and help them balance their books. As yet they have not released precisely how much the increase will be, but I would wage a bet the increase will be in line with the current rate of inflation, currently running at over 28%.  Watch this space!!

Personal Accident Insurance

For the under 69s, Capital Insurance has relaunched their personal accident insurance. All claims made, are underwritten by them making a genuine claim much quicker to process and is more reliable for payment. Emergency treatment can be from one of the two leading hospitals in the TRNC which have facilities matching those found in first world hospitals.

Payment is made directly to the hospital, providing treatment, so the anxiety of making a claim far easier and straight forward, than before!

For more detail contact Mary at Capital Insurance at the Alsancak branch of Capital Bank or call me (Trevor) on 0533 844 3403.

Number Plates

31st of January this year is the last day to have the Government approved number plates fixed to your vehicle without attracting a fine if stopped by the police.

Bayram Holidays

There are no Public holidays this month.

We do a monthly news round which I send out via email and also goes on the Cyprus Scene website and Enewspaper which is free to you and will keep you up to date on the ever changing things here in the TRNC.

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