Pilgrimage .. By Nick Vye, Sanctuary


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

Life is a journey from the beginning to the end. What we experience along the way is what forms our basic viewpoints in life and develops our character.

The path we take can be smooth and no trouble and easy to find our way through. Or it can be dense like a jungle with the path unclear and many obstacles along the way.

It is fear of change that stops us changing a life pattern that we are not happy in. We fear it’s better to stay in that situation and bear up with what we know. To leave and start all over again seems a formidable task to take on.

How can we change the situation if we don’t let go of it and move on to pastures new. Okay, it may not be the ideal at the time that you wanted but after a while things settle down and work out for the better and you are free from the past you weren’t happy in.

How can a new door (opportunity) arise if you don’t close the old one behind you? Every journey you take is an adventure in life that we can learn something from. Sometimes it is good to step back and look at things from a different perspective. Like a pilgrimage where you are just walking alone and thinking and talking to your inner self. Finding your strengths and weaknesses and coping through the many obstacles along the journey you’re now taking in your life. Relying on no one else to lead, guide or command you now. Just following your own thoughts and ways to get to the end of the journey.

Yes it may be difficult and hard at times and you may feel, I wish I hadn’t taking this pilgrimage on. When you do reach the end, the satisfaction that you alone achieved this and dealt with all the mishaps along the way, is a lesson nobody else can teach you. Afterwards you will feel much better in yourself, stronger, more self assured, and that whatever follows in your life now, you know you can deal with it, as a more complete person.

Thanking you all with my love light and peace,

Nick Vye Sanctuary.