August 19, 2022


By Chris Elliott…..

Turkish Cypriots have moved away from Cyprus since the Cyprus troubles started many years ago and they have made lives for themselves in various countries around the world.

Through Facebook some have kept in contact with friends and families through various groups and pages and it was with great delight that we discovered  our friend Sermen Erdogan from Melbourne who had written a number of articles on CyprusScene had become involved with  Radio 3ZZZ and presents a Cyprus history and cultural show on Wednesdays from 10am to 11am (Cyprus time is 9 hours behind so it will be 1am to 2am here).

Radio 3ZZZ is the largest ethnic community station in Australia. Located at 92.3 on the FM radio band, 3ZZZ started broadcasting on a regular basis in June 1989 and Turkish Cypriots have a show broadcast on Monday at 9pm to 11pm and Wednesday from 9am to 11am.

Hakki Suleyman‎ and Sermen Erdogan presenting Turkish Cypriot radio program

Working from studios in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick, the station is heard across the Melbourne metropolitan region, as far as Geelong to the west and Macedon to the north. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, it is estimated that more than 400,000 people listen to 3ZZZ every week.

The station can now be heard across all Australia and the rest of the world through internet broadcasting and we found live transmissions could be heard by clicking here.

So for those Turkish Cypriots and others who want to reach out and perhaps find old friends in Australia they can do so by going to the ZZZ Melbourne Australia Turkish Cypriot Radio Facebook page click her


3 thoughts on “Finding Turkish Cypriot friends in Australia

  1. Actually Cyprus time is 9 hours behind Chris . so on Mondays program is on at 12 noon till 2.00pm and Wednesdays 12 midnight till 2.00 am. Melbourne 3zzz Turkish Cypriot Program is coordinated by Mr HAkkı Süleyman who has been with the radi0 for the past 27 years Chris Elliott. Great article thanks Chris .

    1. Many thanks Sermen my maths was never a strong point but the Cyprus transmission times have now been corrected and this article will also be published in our enewspaper in the next few hours.

  2. We have added a widget on the bottom of our CyprusScene home page from where readers can read this article and connect with ZZZ Radio.

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