December 1, 2023


By Ahmet Abdulaziz….

“Turkish Cypriot National Struggle”, is the theme of the photography contest being organised by the Cyprus Turkish National History Museum of Near East University. 

The last date for submission of the photographs is 25th January 2019.

According to the press release of the University, the contest will be held in two different categories. The photographs presented for the contest will be assessed by the Selection Committee and those ranking the top three will be awarded. The Selection Committee will also determine three contestants for an honourable mention award.

The first category of the Turkish Cypriot National Struggle Photo Contest will consist of photographs taken during the years of the national struggle. The second category will feature photos to be taken at places specific to the national struggle of Turkish Cypriots for existence and freedom. These photographs are required to be relevant to old military positions, trenches, historical places, streets, tools and equipment and documents that were used during the years of national struggle.

Contestants can participate in the photography contest with the authenticated copies of the photographs; the original ones will be secured by the owners. If those, who had taken the photograph(s), or owners are not alive, their relatives will be able to participate in the contest with those photographs by authenticating the degree of their relationships. The original photographs can be donated to the Cyprus Turkish National History Museum if deemed appropriate by their owners. The names of the persons, who donate the photographs, will be indicated while the photographs are being exhibited.

Turkish Cypriot National Struggle Photo Contest Requirements:

  1. The contestants can participate in both categories of the contest with as many photos as they desire.
  2. The contestants are required to indicate the places of the photographs taken for the second category of the contest.
  3. If known, the places and the names of persons in the old photographs presented to the contest shall be indicated.
  4. The photographs to be presented to the contest are required to be A4 (21×29), 7) cm in size minimally, or 35×50 cm in size greatest.
  5. The old photographs presented for the contest shall not be manipulated in digital environment but if necessary, the required operations on photographs shall be carried out by experts.
  6. The credentials and telephone numbers of the participants will be sealed tender.
  7. A five digit nickname shall be written on the back of the photographs.
  8. Participants are required to submit a separate envelope for each category of the contest if they will participate in both categories.
  9. Photographs presented for the contest will be evaluated by the Selection Committee consisting of 5 members.

Those willing to participate in Turkish Cypriot National Struggle Contest can contact with Professor Ali Efdal Özkul, the Founding President of the Board of Directors of National History Museum, and Görkem Bulunç, Acting Director of Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts by calling 0392 680 20 00 (extension: 5251)and 0392 680 20 00 (extension 5656) or through email addresses and

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