Charities and Associations award to Hope 4 Pets

By Chris Elliott…….

Wherever we may be living, the issue of unwanted street animals is of real concern and it is very uplifting when you meet people who are trying to make a real difference.

I can remember way back when a friend, Maria Chappell, who felt the same, created an animal help Facebook page way back in 2012 to reach out to other people who felt the same.

When Maria returned to live in the UK other friends continued with the work of trying to care for the street animals and created a new Facebook group “Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus” which rapidly gained attention and currently has a 6,000 plus following.

Hope 4 Pets became registered as a charity in both North Cyprus and England & Wales and  was then able to seek donations to finance their animal welfare projects.

These donations are raised through a membership scheme and also from various events which are arranged to support Hope 4 Pets like the “Mass Ice Bucket Challenge”  which was held way back on  Saturday 30th of August 2014 and was inspired and organised by Stephanie Harrison-Croft who is the current administrator of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus and we were delighted to present to her the award on behalf of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus Team.

So what are the objectives of Hope 4 Pets?

Their main aim is to try and implement FREE neutering for the street animals of the TRNC which in turn will control the animal population growth.

Secondly, no matter what location, they aim to provide as much help to the street animals of North Cyprus as funding will allow, which might be in the form of food, bedding, or veterinary treatment, in some cases. They try and find foster homes, permanent homes. Kenneling is the last option, H4P do not have their own kennel facilities, so they pay for kenneling like anyone else, if they have no one in the area, They have a good working relationship with other animal welfare groups and will contact them to ask for their help.

The foster homes currently in use are provided by members of H4P who open their homes to take in the most vulnerable. They are desperately in need of new foster homes, for either dogs or cats.

They provide all of their foster families with food donations, kennels, bedding and pay all vet bills, so please help them in their desire to care for the street animals of North Cyprus.

You can learn more of Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus on their Facebook page click here or website click here