1st International Journal of Art Culture and Communication (IJACC) published


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Faculty of Communication of the Near East University, brought out the first edition of the International Journal of Art Culture and Communication (IJACC). The magazine covers all aspects of social sciences including art, culture and communication.

According to the press release of the university, the journal has been published on Journal Park system.

The first edition of the journal includes five scientific journals and a book review. It includes: “An Investigation of the Social Support Levels of Parents of Individuals who Have been Activated by Disability in the North of Cyprus in Terms of Different Variables”; A Dissertation on Anti-capitalist movements, globalisation and social media”; “Is citizenship for sale?”; Political Communication: A Conceptual Compilation”; “What is left of the man who loved cinema”.

It was announced that the Journal of Art Culture and Communication (IJACC) will be published twice a year, during the fall and spring terms in December and in June. Furthermore, Near East University Academicians Dr. Çiğdem Dürüst and Burak Çebi, Assist. Prof. Dr. Hakan Karahasan, Prof. Dr. Işıl Özkan, Academic Member Mine İnanç Demir, Savaş Güngör and Evsen Çerkeşli contributed to the first edition of the journal.

Moreover, the journal which is related to the fields of art, culture and communication is expressed to have double blind reviewers and publications in Turkish and English are possible after review and evaluation. The website of the journal is provided as and the first edition of the journal can be found from the following link .

It was revealed that the editing board of the journal consisted of Head of Department of Radio, TV and Cinema of Near East University Assoc. Prof Dr. Fevzi Kasap, Vice Chair of Department of Public Relations and Promotion Assoc Prof Dr. Nuran Öze and Academic Member of Faculty of Communication Dr. Ayhan Dolunay.

In the first edition of the journal, a message was sent to the readers by the Editorial Board:

“We are confident that you and your esteemed academics will be transformed into a long-standing scientific publication that will make important contributions in a short time with their original studies. We would like to express many thanks to all academicians and administrative staff for their efforts”.

In addition to the above, in the first edition of the International Journal of Art Culture and Communication, the editorial board also stated their wish by stressing their hope about their first issue that it will be of benefit to the scientific world.

Alongside the Editorial Board, the Journal also comprises Publication Board which defines the publication policies of the journal. Both Boards have members who work voluntarily and the journal established an arbitration committee with competent names from different universities with the aim of reaching academicians and artists in different universities. The aim of the journal is to reach academicians who produce original and qualified scientific works in many countries of the world with the aim of being among the national and internationally respected indexes.