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“Wire Art” workshop held at EUL


By Ahmet Abdulaziz ….

The Architecture Department of Graphic Designs of European University of Lefke recently organised  a workshop themed “Spirit of the Wire: Aphorisms in Art”.

According to the press release of the University,  the workshop was held with the participation of students from the Departments of Architecture, Interior Architecture, Visual Communication Design and Graphic Design.

Wire art is an art form that has been used for many years which makes use of different types of metal wires such as iron, aluminum and copper. With this workshop, students will develop their skills in working with wires using basic design principles such as pliers and wire cutters.

Assist.Prof. Dr. Selen Abbasoğlu Ermiyagil, chairperson of the Graphic Design Department, pointed out the aim of the workshop is to teach learning while having fun to the students from different disciplines, to learn the design principles through different materials and tools in the design process, and to get used to group work and team spirit and added that it is expected the students to experience design principles they have learned in the Basic Design I course with different materials and tools, interpret them in different disciplines and transform the knowledge taught into real objects.

In total 81 students participated in the workshop, where 14 different wire projects were produced. These projects were later displayed at the Hall of Communication of the University on 18th December 2018.

In the workshop program which is conducted with 81 students from 4 different disciplines and 4 leaders, 14 different wire projects will be produced.  Ermiyagil said that  “One of the most important achievements at the end of the activity is for the students to learn how to work together with designers in different disciplines and to transform the knowledge taught into real objects with different materials”.