Animal care

Visit to Ziyamet Primary School by the KAR Education Team


We received the following news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue about the recent activities of the KAR Educational team when they went to Ziyamet.

Readers mail…..
Carole Widdison ….

Early in November Carol Easton and myself made a longer than usual visit to Ziyamet primary school, on the way to the Karpaz. Our sponsor for our workbook had told the Headteacher, Cansev Benar, about us .

We are so glad we went as it is a lovely school with delightful children. Many of the children are from poorer families and really enjoyed the activities we did with them.

We had two 40 minute lessons in which we talked about what dogs and cats need to be healthy and happy, why it is so important for animals to be neutered and how to greet animals and stay safe around them.  Activities in the workbook were completed to support these. We were fortunate to have two excellent members of staff to support us and translate for us.  The children were very keen to take part, answer questions and to read out loud.

We were made to feel very welcome and promised to go again next year.  Carol and her husband were also able to deliver the certificates for the children the following week.”