From North Cyprus to Ukraine, I became a World Champion


By Chris Elliott…..

It was good to see that our Russian friend Sergey Eletskikh, who lives in Northern Cyprus, had taken time out to go to Kiev in Ukraine to compete in the GPA/IPO 2018 World Championships.

Having competed and won 2 gold medals at the age of 62 on 25th November this is what he said in a blog on North Cyprus Live Journal which we have translated to the best of our ability.

President of the Ukrainian Power Lifting Committee, Bogdan Vorobey and Sergey Eletskikh

“It has long been known that if something is very desirable, then we must believe in ourselves and have no doubt. Then everything will turn out well. 

In 20 to 25 years, it did not work for me to become a world champion, only to be the master of sports.  But at the age of 62 my dream came true and I can write as a blogger. Yesterday at the World Power Lifting Championship in Kiev I received two gold medals. One being for the extreme press discipline

If you are over 60 and have a 125-kilo barbell in your hands  and lose your weight through extreme  exertions  but you can sing the song “We Are the Champions”, together with the President of the Ukrainian Power Lifting Committee, Bogdan Vorobey, you have achieved great success.

The only way is to win and about 400 athletes from 25 countries came to Kiev. The competition organization was awesome. I will describe all the details a bit later. 

Kindness, love and happiness. 

Dear friends, do understand that you too can become a world champion at any age.”