Life goes in circles


By Ahmet Abdulaziz …..

As I mentioned in my last week’s column, my 30 year old son went through ear surgery two weeks ago. Prior to the surgery I had never thought that  this surgery would involve a serious and long period of strict and strenuous  care. During the first week, it was difficult for him to get out of bed by himself, since he was not able to maintain his balance properly. Frequently he  complained about vertigo and feeling giddy.

During this period my wife and I were attending him day and night in the hospital. We had to help him sitting up and lying back in bed. We had to help him while taking food. We had to accompany him and give a hand while going to and returning back from the toilet.

While doing all this in hospital, we recalled the days when he was a small boy, and we as parents used to help him in everything that he did.  We used to guide and teach him how to do things. As we all know, through a long process of trial and error and our guidance, he learned how to take care of himself. This is the process that all parents and their children go through.

After a few days in hospital, his condition improved and the doctor allowed him to leave his  bed and walk. Of course he was not allowed to walk fast or for a long period of time, but he was allowed to walk slowly in the hospital corridor. Still he was not allowed to move abruptly or to walk briskly or to lie on the left side of his body on the bed. He had to sleep on his right side. Now as parents our duty became difficult, as we had to stop him from doing all that he was not allowed to do. We had to be constantly on watch while he slept, keeping an eye that he did not turn on to his  left side.

It was all that we had been through when he was a small child. We had to keep an eye on him all the time, and stop him from doing anything that might be dangerous for him.  We had to teach him. We remember those days when checking him at night, to adjust his sheets. He used to be  very careless while asleep.

In hospital, once again we re-lived those days.  My wife and I repeatedly discussed between us how we were going through the same exercises again.

Once this phase ended, and he was released from the hospital, the doctors advised him to be very careful in all his actions, and he should not drive for a few weeks. So in the present process we have to drive him wherever he wants to go.  He runs his own kickboxing club, so his presence in the club is necessary. Not only just that, he is also running an online media section for kickboxing, so he has to monitor what is being done, and the processing of news etc. He has to attend any important activities relevant to his field. Though he is very careful in his movements, he walks carefully, does not participate in any sport activities, but still he considers his presence essential in all these spheres of his sports life.

So my wife and I are running the drop-off and pick-up services for him, day and night. But this is not as simple as it may appear to be.  He wants to drive, since obviously he gets disturbed with us providing this service, but of course we will not allow him to drive at all.

Here again we see history repeating itself. Like most other parents, we also had been through such a period when he was an under eighteen teenager. We had to take and drive him to his friends places, to their birthday parties, and to picnics etc etc. He wanted to drive then, but we did not allow him to drive. Those scenes pass by our eyes now, when he says he wants to drive.

Well, this situation will continue for a few more weeks. He is progressing and there does not seem to be anything going wrong in his post surgery period. But still he has to be very careful, which luckily he is.

This is what Chris Elliott wrote as “Life goes in circles”, a little earlier as I was  discussing all this with him. Thanks to him to provide this wonderful heading to this article, which in fact speaks of all that my wife and I are going through nowadays.