I could not be without a cat


By Peri Sualp….

I was born into a house where two cats were already living. We always had cats in our life, living inside and outside of our house. I have never known a life without cats. To be honest I cannot understand a life without cats.

There are of course ‘wild cats’ too but tamed pet cats have been in humans’ lives for thousands of years. They have evolved together with humans. Some cats even use an actual toilet for their business, some cats answer phones, most of them open doors as well as many other things. Cats have 300 million neurons whereas dogs have about 160 million. Cats have more nerve cells in the visual areas of their brain than humans and most of the other mammals and they are capable of solving complex problems. 

Maybe they are too smart to be enslaved by humans!  

You can never make cats do what YOU want. No matter how hard you try, your cats will insist on doing their own thing and with attitude. You may buy the most expensive and comfy bed for them but they may still insist on occupying your favorite seat or the keyboard of your laptop! 

You may offer them the most delicious dish but they are sometimes likely to prefer and keep on eating the same lame food of their choice. 

You may cover and try to protect your valuable sofas and armchairs, but they still find a way through the covers and scratch and tear them apart – even if you have managed to cut their nails. After a long fight of course!  

You can never pet them or hug or kiss them unless they want you to. For example you come home missing them and hoping they will welcome you happily but NO! They never show their joy if they are not in the mood. If you have annoyed them you might end up getting scratches and bites everywhere. The list goes on and on and I didn’t even mention the hair they leave literally EVERYWHERE! 

Cats have their own unique character and there is no way for you to change it. A study has shown that cats use meowing and purring sounds to get their own way with humans. They actually teach their language to humans instead of trying to learn theirs (like dogs do!). They can be really selfish and pompous that you might end up feeling that you have been used by them.

But…… the love towards cats is a love which compares to no other love. They are the most beautiful, charming, cute, adorable, fluffy, amazing, cuddly and all the other good adjectives that I cannot remember right now. When they come and settle themselves onto your lap meowing and purring, you have the most precious moments of your life. At that moment you forget all your  negative feelings for them and you are the most happy person who ever exists in the world! (Incidentally, purring in cats means a lot of different things. Researchers have discovered that a cat’s purr has a frequency between 25 to 150 Hertz which is the same frequency which helps bones and muscles to repair themselves. It’s speculated that a cat’s purr can be a type of healing.) 

No matter how annoying they can sometimes be, you love your cats unconditionally.

Maybe humans are not that smart and they are enslaved by the cats rather than the other way around! 

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