Slimmer’s World Çatalköy are big slimmers


Introduction by Chris Elliott…

Margaret Sheard and I have written about and met some of the members of Slimmer’s World Çatalköy and Val Stuart-Traynor the group’s consultant has written to us to tell us more of herself and the group’s activities.

For those locals who would like to lose some weight and create that desirable figure again, then Slimmer’s World at Sartaj Restaurant in Çatalköy is the place to go.

“Hi Chris,

Val’s weight loss certificates on the side of the fridge freezer

I joined Slimmer’s World Çatalköy on 6th January 2018, the first meeting of the New Year. That was my new year’s resolution after devouring most of a very alcoholic Creole Christmas cake, a Scottish Whiskey Dundee cake and several dozen mince pies over the festive season. Even so I was devastated to see the scales settle at 16 stone 7 pounds.

 I was extremely embarrassed that I had let myself get into such a state, but all the other members were very friendly and encouraging. It was great to find that the Healthy Eating Plan didn’t forbid any foods and didn’t involve weighing, measuring and calorie counting.

By the end of April with everyone’s support and encouragement I was 2 stone lighter. I find the most difficult times are when eating out and all the members feel the same.

Luckily for me my husband is fantastically supportive and keeps me on the straight and narrow. In August when Cathy the consultant phoned me at home one Sunday  evening and announced she was returning to UK, I had lost 3.5 stones,

I just knew I didn’t want to be without the support of all the other members. Cathy suggested that  I take over as advisor. Consequently with the support of all the other members that is what I did. We have a great time on Saturday mornings weighing in and then sharing ideas and menus and team games. It’s a fun couple of hours. and we are all looking forward to our meeting.

Anyone who is interested in joining us each Saturday at Sartaj Restaurant should call me on 0542 855 1219 for more information.”