TRNC News 13th November 2018


  1. President Akıncı evaluates the recent developments on the Cyprus issue …
  2. Özersay: “Greek Cypriot side discriminates regarding border crossings” …
  3. Lefke Aplıç and Gazimağusa Derinya gates opened to mutual crossings …
  4. The 35th anniversary of the TRNC will be celebrated with ceremonies …
  5. WAPC World Press Council to begin in Girne …

President Mustafa Akıncı evaluated the recent developments on the Cyprus issue with a press conference.

Speaking at a press conference, Akıncı stated that the main aim of the press conference is not responding to the Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades, yet wanting to clarify some issues, adding that although the stage was very close to the solution in Cyprus, it was not achieved and the parties should evaluate this issue.

Reminding that it is clear that Turkish Cypriots would not accept having minority rights and be dominated in a unitary Greek Cypriot state, Akıncı said that a great majority of the Greek Cypriots would not accept the two separate states as well.

Akıncı also stated that we are in the current stage of whether to work for a federal solution or to tolerate the continuation of the status quo, and added that the continuation of the status quo had various dangers for the Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots.

Pointing out that the reasonable way forward is to look for an acceptable compromise in the federal solution, Akıncı noted that the settlement to be reached is referred to in many UN resolutions and reports that will be based on the political equality of both sides.

Reiterating that what will happen in the case of no numerical equality was clarified in the negotiations carried out within the framework of the UN parameters, Akıncı evaluated the statements of the Greek Cypriot Leader Anastasiades.

Criticizing Anastasiades’ stance on natural gas, President Akıncı said that the Greek Cypriot leader stated that some issues would be of concern only to the Greek Cypriot community and that this was not reasonable.

Akıncı said that a settlement can only be achieved in the region in a process in which Turkey and Turkish Cypriots will be involved.

Pointing out that the federation is seen as a painful practice by the Greek Cypriot leadership, Akıncı said that the only solution to unite the two communities is a federal solution.

Recalling that the Greek Cypriot side has always had the view regarding the central government to have more authorities, Akıncı stressed that even if the powers of the constituent states increased, “we will not accept decision-making in the central government to be on the basis of simple majority-minority.”

Noting that the United Nations Secretary-General temporary special Envoy Jane Holl Lute is expected to arrive in Cyprus before the new year, Akıncı said that ‘will we be able to share power and prosperity instead of sharing new suffering in the future’ is the question that needs to be answered.

Özersay: “Greek Cypriot side discriminates regarding border crossings”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Kudret Özersay said that the opening of Derinya and Aplıç gates is a positive development but there are some other issues which should receive attention.

Attending the ‘Gündem Artı Programme’ on BRT by telephone, Özersay evaluated the opening of the Derinya and Aplıç gates and replied to the questions. Özersay stressed that all ministries associated with the issue had spent great effort for the opening of Derinya and Aplıç gates.

“The fact that the border crossings opened up simultaneously pleases us” Özersay added. Stating that they will also support the opening of other gates when the conditions are suitable, Özersay said that we as the Turkish Cypriot side called the Greek Cypriot side a few times previously regarding the issue but we have not received any response from the Greek Cypriot side. Expressing that Greek Cypriot side makes discrimination regarding border crossings by the TRNC citizens, Özersay said that without prejudice to the exceptions, the Greek Cypriot side does not allow a great part of the TRNC citizens who originate from Turkey to pass to South Cyprus and this situation disturbs us.

Pointing out that this unfair procedure is continuing by the Greek Cypriot Administration, Özersay said “I wish that in the following process, the Greek Cypriot side looks more positively on our proposals and further steps are taken on the issue”.

Lefke Aplıç and Gazimağusa Derinya gates opened to mutual crossings

Lefke Aplıç and Gazimağusa Derinya gates were opened to mutual crossings yesterday. (12th November)

Representatives from non-governmental organizations and also the public attended the opening ceremony of Aplıç gate which has been closed since 1955.

The Derinya Border gate has become the second border gate after Akyar Border Gate in Gazimağusa which is known as 2.5 miles.

The 35th anniversary of the TRNC will be celebrated with ceremonies

The 35th anniversary of the establishment of the TRNC will be celebrated with ceremonies in all districts, especially in the capital city of Lefkoşa.

Delegations from Turkey and the other countries will also attend the ceremony this year.

The 15th November Republic Day program will begin with President Mustafa Akıncı’s speech on BRT Television and a 21 gun salute on Wednesday, 14th November at 12.00.

A ceremony will be held at the  Dr.Fazıl Küçük Monument Tomb on 14th November at 15.00 and Rauf Raif Denktaş Mausoleum will be visited at 15:30.

A ceremony will begin at the Atatürk Memorial in Lefkoşa on Thursday, November 15, 2018, at 09.30.

The official parade will be held at Dr.Fazıl Küçük Boulevard and will start at 10.00am to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the TRNC.

WAPC World Press Council to begin in Girne

The 2018 General Assembly of the World Association of Press Councils (WAPC) will be held today (13th November) at the Lord’s Palace Hotel in Girne.

In her written statement, General Assembly WAPC President Assoc. Dr. Şule Aker said “As President of “The WAPC, which is the first and only international organizations of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, we work to spread the freedom of the press in a global sense and ensure its implementation”.