Don’t take chances , have your breast implants checked regularly


Many local readers will have been shocked to read on the Facebook page of the very popular entertainer, Sharon Holmes aka Sharon Holmes the Soul Diva, that she had been checked in to hospital and had undergone an operation  and this is what she had to say about her ordeal.

“I’m not ashamed to admit I had breast implants. After having breast fed all my children, it was my treat to myself. 11 years later I’ve had them removed due to size and age LOL.

Unbeknown to me they had Ruptured!

Sharon Holmes sings a few songs at the Kayo Palazzo Hotel

The scary thing is I had no idea!!!  I never knew blood test doesn’t reveal it !! Now it all makes sense I didn’t realise the symptoms, constant tiredness, Aches, Pains etc were not old age, as I thought…Doctors in UK didn’t listen to me on several occasions and just brushed me off and gave me Vitamins.


I thought it was only Pip implants that Ruptured. But obviously not as I had gone for the best Mhp implants on the Market at the time,

Surgery was done at a top Transform Cosmetic Hospital in London. That cost then was £5000 as I didn’t want to take any chances.

I am a private person and don’t Usually Share personal Stuff.

But if it saves one of my friends or any lady out there, then I am Happy to Share!!

So if you have IMPLANTS get them scanned yearly they shouldn’t deflate if they are silicone filled and you just don’t know! Dr Arsin My Surgeon here in

Sharon’s ruptured breast implant

Cyprus at the Kamiloglu Hospital in Girne (Kyrenia) Was Fantastic !!!! Amazing !!!! Went above and beyond, a very rare thing nowadays. Always checking on me and very thorough. He has done an Amazing job. Can’t thank him enough.

I Give All the glory to God never leaves or forsakes me.

I had a tough time waking up after the operation that should have taken at very most a few hours but went on for 9 hours due to the Ruptured implants!

All I had was the prayers from Family! My Husband Simon Holmes has been awesome and of course because of the relationship I have with Jesus I’m not ashamed to say it loud and proud it’s in Jesus I trusted.

Thanks Again Dr Arsin.

But More importantly to Jesus Christ MY lord and Saviour xxx.

p.s please feel free to share this news”

Shown below is a video from Sharon Holmes and checking on the Internet we came across an interesting article Click Here from the Express, UK (November 2016) in which it shows that 26% of women with breast implants have them checked every 3 years and 57% have never had them checked