Art and Culture

Art and Design Exhibition at the Atatürk Cultural Centre Nicosia


By Heidi Trautmann …

“Sustaining Visual Memory against Devastation of Cultural Heritage”

Under the above title we find a Unesco project curated by Prof. Dr. Incilay Yurdakul from Hacetepe University in cooperation with various North Cyprus Universities and institutions, with Dr. Fatma Miralay as Coordinator. 

An undertaking with a very deep meaning, a step of worldwide humanitarian and cultural interest and sorrow. It is a call to artists and designers to make visible the damage that is continuously happening to our world heritage, done by deliberate war actions, for commercial interests or by pure neglect.

50 artists from universities such as Hacetepe in Turkey, and from the TRNC Eastern Mediterranean University, Near East University, Cyprus International University have created works that are meant to admonish society, a project that should be carried on worldwide because with the extinction of our visual cultural heritage we begin to extinct the  human race. The cultural past is the infrastructure of today and destroying the infrastructure will result in the collapse of the entire building of culture. The foreword in the catalogue written by the curator Prof. Dr. Incilay Yurdakul can be seen by clicking here

The exhibition was opened by Prof. Dr. Incilay Yurdakul who had come to Nicosia for the occasion, and Fikri Toros, former President of the Chamber of Commerce and now Member of Parliament.

It is important that many people come to see this exhibition, school and university classes, governmental representatives; it is not just an art exhibition, it is a serious eye opener and reminder to change our way of thinking. Here, only a small selection of works….

The exhibition is open until November 13th during normal government office hours.