August 17, 2022


BEYOND is the new show “CONCERTS WITHOUT BORDERS” is presenting for closing season for the SOS Children’s Village in the TRNC.

Bellapais Abbey will be hopping with everything an audience could want but rockets and fireworks!

Sunday, November 11 at 18:00pm for just 30TL the audience will get music BEYOND opera, Broadway and Pop delivered by an international cast and the best of local stars. These shows always present first, best and original productions that go on to tour as with the past ATEŞ & DİVA shows. The songs are favourites and a “meze sofra of music”!

International Diva, Grammy List nominee and producer Demetra George Mustafaoglu once again offers up a delicious treat for all to enjoy!

An amazing cast led by the 3 awardees of the US State Department’s Cultural Diplomacy award will grace the stage as Katie Economidou, Fikri Toros & Mrs. Mustafaoglu join forces once again to treat the audience that night.

Dervishe Cherkez-Guryel, vice president of the local SOS chapter will sing, greet and RAISE UP the crowd accompanied by renowned pianist Yuliya Starastsenkava and cello/violin by Muharrem Cemoglu. And as if that’s not enough, a show always needs charm and that means children.

Demetra’s precious young students Kayra Guryel and Peri Sualp, her protégée from the last 4 years and many shows will also take to the stage to show their budding talents to assist the SOS organization. Ataturk said, “You (the children) are the rose, the star, the light of our future. You are the ones who will enlighten our country.” We honour his name as his death is commemorated the day before this event which raises up the future of our children and country.

Tickets are available from the artists, Deniz Plaza, Gloria Jean’s, English School of Kyrenia (ESK) and Bellapais Ticket Office.

Editor’s Note: We are proud to be able to bring another Review featuring Demetra George Mustafaoglu and most of the cast talking about BEYOND  from CONCERTS WITHOUT BORDERS and asking you to join with them to help SOS Children’s Village, Lefkosa.

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