Animal care

KAR News Update w/e 26th October 2018


Here is the news from Kyrenia Animal Rescue for week ending 26th October, with lots happening to keep them ever busy.

Pippa and Pickles


We desperately need foster care or a permanent home for these two elderly dogs, they were kindly taken in when their owners had to leave the island urgently for medical care. Now the lovely, kind couple who fostered them have also had to return to the UK after being receiving devastating health news. Please open your homes and hearts to help these poor babies live out their twilight years in a stable loving home.  This is their story, from August 2018.

These beautiful little babies are facing an uncertain future. Their owner is elderly and has been rushed back to the UK for urgent medical attention. He isn’t in a position financially to take them with him, so we are now looking for a new home for them both.

Pippa is a mini Cyprus Terrier approx 10 years old. Pickles is a Tibetan mix breed, approx 8 years old. (he has 3 legs, but copes extremely well). They both are approx 5kg in weight. both are neutered and distemper free. They are house dogs and are fine with cats and also chickens apparently!!

Please contact us here at the office on 0533 869 4098 or email us at :


Staff needed

We need staff URGENTLY to work at the centre. Primarily with the dogs in the compound and quarantine area. It is very rewarding and worthy of your time. There are various shifts available.

Please call Elaine on 0533 863 1950


Thank You

A large donation was found in our collection box at The Ship Inn, with this note……

“Hello to the lovely people who look after the animals. Hope our contributions help, keep up the good work”  Signed: Geoff and Anne, Bristol, England.  Dated: 19th May

Thank you guys, whoever you are, it is very much appreciated. (just in case they follow us!).


USA – Here we come

Lambsy, Mumble, Coco, Polo, Wonka and Leika had their final wash and brush up ready to go to the USA and didn’t they all look smart.

They have now arrived in the USA, what a long journey for these 6 dogs, but they made it and we hope they enjoy their new life in America.

This is the update from KAR facebook page about their arrival.

Lambsy, Mumble and Coco have arrived safe and sound in USA – it took a while completing the entry formalities and checks but they are now on their way for their post entry vet checks before having a well earned rest. It was a very long and tiring journey for them but oh so very worth it . They all want to say ” We have ARRIVED – hello America”. Their KAR family is going to miss them but it is fantastic that they are going to live their very own “American Dream”.

The 2nd group arrived – late but safe and fine. Polo was happy to get out and explore tail wagging and keen to meet everyone. Leika and Wonka preferred the slowly – very slowly – approach and sniffed then retreated to their boxes (their safe haven). We decided to let them travel to Cathy’s in their boxes and they can then venture out in their own good time – it will be a bit quieter too.

Curry n Cards for KAR

Don’t forget the fundraising event on Saturday 10th November at 8pm at Sartaj Restaurant, Catalkoy. This is Play your Cards Right (based on the 1980s TV game show).  There will be food available from the usual Sartaj menu for those wishing to eat.  Please book to avoid disappointment.