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Artefacts from Geometric period found in North Cyprus


During excavations carried out in Tatlısu, an ancient tomb and many historical artefacts from the Geometric Period were found.

As a result of the excavations carried out by archaeologists and staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, a number of finds dating back to 1050 – 750 BC were uncovered.

According to the belief system of the period, following death, various items would be included in the grave, which was made of limestone and the following were found in the ancient tomb – 1 Ritual Stone, 1 Bucket, 2 pieces of Amphoriscos, 1 footed bowl, 1 basket jug, 1 pot, 3 plates, 1 piece metal finds, 1 test (pots) 1 scarab, 4 pieces of oinochoe, 1 oil lamp, 5 pieces of amphora and 4 bowls. A total of 27 old works were removed.

Director of the Department of Antiquities and Museums Fuat Azimli said in a statement regarding excavation work carried out in the grave, that they had obtained important findings, and the documentation work has ended.

Azimli expressed that the ancient tombs revealed the most beautiful examples of the art of the geometric period with amphora bearing symbols of the ancient period.

Azimli stated that the artefacts found will be ready for exhibition in museums which will be arranged after maintenance in the conservation laboratory and he also said that surveys in the region are continuing.

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  1. Hi, could you provide a contact within the Ministry of Tourism with whom we can correspond about these artefacts – I mean someone specifically in the Archaeology /Museums department? Many thanks

    • Hello John if you follow the Ministry widget link on our website this sleads you to Fuat Azimli as under.Contact points seem to be restricted to email and phone number as also shown under

      Eski Eserler ve Müzeler Dairesi Müdürü Sn. Fuat AZİMLİ

      Contact Information of the Affiliated Offices of the Ministry


      (+90 392) 228 9629

      (+90 392) 611 2000

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