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Exhibition of Art, Ceramics and Paper Art at Girne Art Gallery


 By Margaret Sheard …

We recently published an article about Feza Aygin Sanivar when we visited her at her home in Girne to learn of her extraordinary paper making methods. 

At this time we realised how talented Feza is, as she not only makes paper from various natural products and transforms it into wonderful pictures, she also paints.  Feza told us that she would be having an exhibition, with her friend Halide Volkan, who is a ceramics artist, to be held at the Girne Art Gallery 15th to 19th October.

On Monday 15th October, we went along to the Art Gallery for the opening of the exhibition and were pleased to also meet Halide at this time.   There were many paper art pictures and paintings on the walls which had been produced by Feza and Halide’s ceramics were displayed around the room and on the wall of the entrance hall, it was all very impressive.

The exhibition was opened by the Minister of Interior, Ayşegűl Baybars, who gave a short speech, and we were delighted to be able to speak with her later in the evening.  We also had a long conversation with Member of Parliament, Gűlşah Sanver Manavoğlu, who was very interested in what we do through to promote the country and provide information of the news, events of many different types and general life in the TRNC, and she introduced us to the Minister.

There were many people who arrived for the opening of the exhibition and they spent time looking at the many art items which were on display.   Later in the evening there were refreshments provided on the upper floor of the building.

Most of the items in the exhibition were on sale and we hope Feza and Halide were successful to enable them to continue with their respective artwork as there is always a financial outlay involved in producing these wonderful objects.

The Girne Art Gallery is a lovely venue for the world of art.  It was formerly a transformer building, and was restored by Girne Municipality, and there is still some of the machinery on display in the 100 year old building.  Since the restoration to become an art gallery, the building has been used on many occasions for exhibitions etc.

Well done to Feza and Halide, two very talented ladies, who have exhibited their work for all to see and enjoy.  There are more of the exhibits in the slideshow below.

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