February 5, 2023


By Chris Elliott……..

We were devastated to learn this past week that Hope 4 Pets were at the stage of having to terminate their charity status due to lack of funding and volunteers.   They have been doing such a wonderful job of helping the abandoned and unwanted animals of North Cyprus and this help is so desperately needed, together with the other organisations and groups who also do so much, there can never be enough groups to cope with the growing number of street dogs and cats, injured animals, re-homing etc.

Following is the statement issued by Hope 4 Pets in which they have said they are doing all they can to be able to continue, but they need HELP.

“The trustees of the H4P U.K. Charity met with some forthcoming people to discuss the future of H4P, to see if a rescue plan could be put together to enable H4P to continue to help the animals of the TRNC.

Various ideas were discussed, but the most important was more funding, and volunteers. Whilst events are a good way of funding, H4P need a regular income to pay our vet bills, these bills are increasing by up to 40% because of the exchange rate of the TL.

Feedback from our members has shown that most did not realise that the charity was so small, and that it relies totally on donations. We appealed 6 months ago to all members of the Facebook group to help a little by setting up a monthly standing order for just £1.00 or now 10tl only 34 people out of nearly 6000 did this! If only half of the 6000 had done so before we would have had the funds to carry on.

So, now is the time to help us. We have agreed to appeal again for members to set up a Standing order or Direct Debit for as little or as much as you can spare, or become a paid member of Hope 4 Pets, they can contact admin or go to the stall at the Catalkoy Lemar Wednesday market, from the Food Lodge in Catalkoy or from the Saturday stall at Lambousa in Lapta, this is currently just 50TL per year. We are also asking members to register interest in continued volunteering for us. Predominantly to be on hand to collect animals in need in all areas and vet runs, to run the raffle at the band gigs and to take over the tasks of the Kaymakamlik procedures for these gigs, for individuals to head fundraising events and for giving a few hours helping with the weekly stall.

We have agreed to wait until 31st October to make a final decision, it is now up to the 6000 members to save Hope 4 Pets.”

Please think about what you might be able to do to help Hope 4 Pets to continue with their work for the animals of North Cyprus.   All help, however small, will be much appreciated.  To make things easier, it is possible to make donations or pay the annual membership fee (50TL) at the Wednesday Lemar Market in Catalkoy, Food Lodge in Catalkoy, or at the stall at the Lambousa Saturday Market.


Account details are as follows if you would prefer to make a donation in this way.

Hope 4 Pets bank account details:-

UK bank account. BACS using sort code: 20-11-81, acc no: 23445542 Hope 4 Pets North cyprus

TRNC bank account. UBAN Ct22136094310313040000000581 Kuzey Kibris Hayvanlar Icin Umut Dernegi Creditwest Catalkoy

Fund raising page:


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    1. Thank you Ann for your kind comment and we hope others will donate as well to keep Hope 4 Pets North Cyprus operating.

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