Energy portals, doorways into other dimensions


By Nick Vye – Sanctuary ….

These energy portals exist in many places on earth. They are doorways into other dimensions. These usually exist on ancient ley lines, that run between some churches, stone circles or standing stones etc.

This is called like an electrical power grid, earth’s natural energy grid. They also exist in the upper atmosphere and are why objects, for example UFO’s, can suddenly disappear from view while watching them. So you then are not sure if you really saw it.

There have been recorded cases in the USA and other countries, where people have watched someone walk away from them and suddenly vanish from their sight. Unbelievable you say. Well physics now know this is possible, that there exists numerous frequencies of vibrations still not totally understood.

Many centuries ago this knowledge was known and used by the ancients. I believe that they used these energy ley lines to transport things. By altering the vibrations of molecules in the objects, it either became lighter if it was stone or completely couldn’t be seen. Then placed on a energy ley line it would transport itself to the next energy portal station.

Could the Great Pyramid of Giza have been built that way, I ask myself? It is only a question of time before we prove it.

Only 50 years ago, our computers were the size of a small building. Our mobile phones today can do more functions than the computers that sent mankind into space and to the moon. You wouldn’t have believed that either 50 years back.

So there you have it, nothing is impossible, keep on thinking free. Who knows where it will take us.

With love light and peace to you all.

Nick Vye Sanctuary.