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Hope 4 Pets : the end of the road, so sad.


Intro by Margaret Sheard ….

We were surprised and saddened today to learn that Hope 4 Pets are no longer able to continue as an organisation and charity to help the vulnerable street dogs and cats of the TRNC.

Over the last few years they have done so much, by increasing the number of members in the group, fundraising for donations and more importantly making a big difference to the plight of the unwanted and abandoned animals of North Cyprus with veterinary treatment, re-homing and generally caring for cats and dogs which have been injured.   A tremendous task for a team of 3 dedicated people – Stephanie Harrison-Croft, Elizabeth Stowell and Emma Eminsoy.   There have been other dedicated people who have given their help to Hope 4 Pets but sadly due to various circumstances it is not enough to enable them to continue.

Stephanie Harrison-Croft, Emma Eminsoy, Elizabeth Stowell at a members’ get-together at the Pia Bella Hotel

Following is the statement issued by Hope 4 Pets :

“Hope 4 Pets has grown so much since that first meeting that Maria Chappell and a handful of others at Pia Bella Hotel where the idea of a Facebook page to help the street animals was in its conceptual stage. Subsequently, we had the great achievement of becoming a registered charity in England and Wales and then, of course, attaining charity status here at home in the TRNC.

During these years we have had the great pleasure of meeting some wonderful like-minded people and working with them to achieve a common goal. Many a lost animal has been posted and reunited, injured animals picked up and taken for veterinary assessment/treatment, contributions made to help others with animals they have rescued, numerous operations to save and/or improve the lives of cats and dogs have been paid for or contributed toward, a safe environment provided at a pet hotel until a home has been found, innumerable bags and tins of food given out to help those in need, kennels purchased for those dogs with no shelter from the heat or protection from bad weather, street animals regularly fed and treated for internal/external parasites, to list just a few of the ways we, altogether, have been able to help in the community. Wherever possible we have offered help in some shape, way or form to anyone that has approached us in need.

Ben, happily rehomed in the UK by H4P

We couldn’t have done this without the support, donations and commitment from YOU – those members, past and present, who have given their time, shared a post or donated funds to help. Looking back over those years we have been tremendously honoured in playing a small part in re-homing many cats and dogs that have gone on to have happy, fulfilled lives with loving families.

We have helped to reduce the ever increasing animal population with many cats and dogs neutered and spayed as a result of the voucher system. In fact here are a few official facts and figures about how your donations have been used.

During the last 2 years we have spent £24,901.00 on helping pets travel to the UK, and £37,342.45 on vet treatment. We have had some memorable events and functions for which we thank you for your attendance and support. So much hard work goes on behind the scenes for these gatherings to be a success and we are grateful to everyone that has organized fundraisers, raffles, market stalls, gigs to name a few in support of the group. We as a group including volunteers, veterinarians and members have accomplished so much. We can all be proud of the difference we have made for these voiceless animals.

It is therefore with heavy hearts that we must issue this Hope 4 Pets statement:- From 31st October, 2018 Hope 4 Pets will cease to be an active charitable organization.

As a small Admin team of 3, Stephanie Harrison-Croft, Elizabeth Stowell and Emma Eminsoy we have done our very best during the last 5 years, 24/7 trying to make a difference to the lives of the animals of the TRNC. We are saddened to say that a combination of lack of donations and the current economic climate dictates that we cannot continue, and we will not put Hope 4 Pets into debt. Unfortunately over the last 6 months our outgoings have outweighed our incomings and we have come to the decision that the charity is no longer sustainable. We will be spending the remaining funds held by H4P on our existing commitments to the animals in our care. It is also with regret that personal family commitments dictate that the amount of time we, as admin, can give to the charity will be a lot less for the foreseeable future. Hope 4 Pets will continue to cover our existing financial commitments.

Some of the kittens cared for by H4P

We have all personally made some wonderful friends as a direct result of Hope 4 Pets and endless hours of hard work, most of which goes unrecognized by many, have been given willingly and freely over the years and we have worked closely together to achieve our goals. A huge thank you has to go out to Bill, Peter and Mehmet for putting up with us, missing meals, and evenings out, and being constantly ignored whilst we frantically sort some emergency out on Facebook!!!

This has been a very emotional time for us all and we would again like to give massive thanks to all of you for all the help and support, however large or small and in whatever form it took, you have helped us help the animals of the TRNC.”

Stephanie Harrison-Croft, Elizabeth Stowell, Emma Eminsoy

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  1. Wow how very sad I’m sure Purdy is very pleased you rehomed her with us those 3 years ago after her owners deserted her when they went back to the UK. Thank you for all you’ve foneit can’t have been easy. Jenny and Kim Tyler xxx

    • Thank you jenny and Kim for your kind words…………It is a very sad day for Hope 4 Pets and animal welfare in general

  2. I am so sad to hear this news. You are angels for all that you have done. May your God bless you

    • Thank you Christina as you say it’s so very sad that these dedicated people could not keep their dream of caring for animals in need going