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Walking one million Steps for Tulips in the 31 days of October


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An interview with Auriana Stevens –  Tulips Supporter.

Auriana has been a Tulips supporter as long as we have known her and she has decided to walk One Million steps for Tulips during October, under the Step-A-Thon umbrella.


So we thought we would ask her what has encouraged her to do this mammoth task…..

Q: What made you get involved in Tulips in the first place?

A: Both my daughters have had a scare with melanoma cancer in the last 3 years.  They are now both okay as both were benign.  This really brought it home to me especially as both Kevin’s (Auriana’s husband) parents and grandparents have all died of cancer, so we know it’s there and in the family. Both his parents were quite young, both died before they were 51 years old. So when Kevin turned 52 years it was a big sigh of relief, like a milestone had been reached and that is why I became involved with Tulips and have been trying to help raise funds for them.

Q: You are walking 1 million steps this year …. what made you decide to do a million steps?

A: Recently I lost a friend through cancer.  I used to work with her 20 years ago and we remained close friends and every time I went back to the UK we would go out.  I got to know her family and she had a son of 23 years who doted on his mum and who was into rock and roll and fast cars!

When I saw her last year she was in remission and doing well, then the cancer came back with a vengeance and she died within 6 weeks of it coming back.

Q: So why a million steps?

A: In memory of all those that I have personally lost through cancer and for anyone who has cancer and to bring more awareness about it.  If that helps then why not.

Q: You did the 10,000 steps a day last year (2017)?

A: Yes and completed 701,000 steps, just a little bit more than the 310,000 steps required, so i wasn’t too far off a million and now I want to see if I can do it as a personal challenge and if it brings in some extra money for Tulips at the same time through sponsorship, then even better.

So anyone who wants to sponsor me to walk a million steps please feel free, you can find me on Facebook or down at Lambousa market every Saturday morning on my stall, alternatively people can get in touch with Tulips via their facebook page to make your pledge and mention my name

I will also be having people walking with me at various times of the day as they will also be walking 10,000 steps a day for Tulips.

Auriana is a staunch supporter of Tulips and has she always donated a percentage of the sale of her goods to Tulips, plus she donates prizes for any Tulips raffles from her weekly stall called Auriana’s Fanciful Creations, Auriana said the name could have been a bit shorter and snappier had she not drunk 3 bottles of wine!

The stall has been running for 10 years and originally started with a few paintings until, someone said ‘well I can paint by numbers’ which annoyed her so she thought how to develop the stall, now she makes her own own pottery items, paints glass, wood and tiles and will turn her hand to anything.  She will make to order if requested.  She did actually do the illustrations for a book many years ago in the UK.

Auriana said “I have always been creative but didn’t have time in the UK to take up this hobby until I came here and now it keeps me busy and I enjoy it immensely”.

We feel that this is an amazing effort by this amazing lady and we would encourage anyone to sponsor her on this mammoth task in aid of Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association.

Many thanks

Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association