October 1, 2023


The Plümer track was the scene of the third race of the “Baştaşlar Off Road Race” series, on 23rd September 2018.

The drivers and the vehicles exhibited their strength and mastery of the art, by performing four times on the track. One of these was the initial exhibition, whereas the remaining 3 performances were considered for awarding the points. The 2.4 long track was not an easy track, and was a tough challenge to the drivers.

The races were sponsored by the Baştaşlar Construction company. However the whole series of 2018 Off Road Championship is being organised with the help of the Prime Ministry special department for sports and fight against drugs.

In the end Ahmet Esendağlı and Veli Esendağlı notched the topmost place on the points table in the general section.

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