TRNC Ministry of Health support to Girne Dr Akçiçek Hospital


Girne Dr Akçiçek Hospital has strengthened staff and technological infrastructure to provide better and quality health services to the people of the region.

Dr Ceyhun Birinci started to work as a contracted physician in Girne Dr Akçiçek Hospital in 1995. He is currently working as a head physician in the same hospital.  He said an evaluation of the last six months for the hospital show very good work has been done and the Ministry of Health has provided support to the hospital.  Yes, we currently need doctors and nurses in certain branches. We know that the Ministry is working intensively.

When Dr Birinci took office at the hospital he found there was a shortage of staff and physicians, these were determined and conveyed to the Ministry and many of the deficiencies have been corrected.  There is now a total of 170 staff.

According to the information provided by Dr Birinci, there are 170 staff in Girne Dr Akcicek Hospital. 38 of them are physicians, some of which are reinforcing both Nicosia Hospital and Kyrenia. The hospital has a total of 56 officers and 76 nurses. Within the scope of services, there are 26 in the internal section, 22 in surgery, 18 in maternity, 10 in dialysis, and five in the emergency room. There are eighty beds in the hospital.

Dr Birinci gave the following information about the projects ahead:

From the previous period, there is an additional building, new service and a new operating room project. Studies on this issue continue. In 2019, we will try to make a budget allowance. Apart from this, we had some meetings with the Ministry in terms of infrastructure and parking space. As head physician, I would recommend a common parking lot for the Kyrenia Municipality.

Also since April, we have completed some infrastructure work. We have painted all the service areas. The operating room was painted and modified. In addition, a new optical device was received for orthopaedic surgery in the context of the need for continuous improvement in health. We set up an alarm system for the pharmacy and the morgue freezers. We have created two parking spaces for the disabled. We have received a modern and multifunctional device for use in ear/throat surgery. A new autoclave was installed. Polyclinics, pharmacies and services were included in the automation system. Whichever hospital is withdrawn in all regions, we can access the movies online. This is one of the positive developments.

On the other hand, a triage system was started in the emergency department which has benefited greatly and the problems have been resolved with the appointment of a general practitioner but there is a lot more work to do.

There is now a permanent cardiology and chest specialist working full time at the hospital which greatly improves the quality of service in this field.  Also there is now a skin specialist and, following meetings with the Ministry, a paediatrician and child psychiatrist will be joining the hospital very soon.

There are still sections which are inadequate and the work with the Ministry is continuing.  The most urgent need is helpful staff and also a nurse is required for the dialysis unit.  There were 10 beds in the dialysis section and the sessions have been increased which serves more patients and the problem has been resolved.

We continuously inform the Ministry of the shortcoming of the hospital and they react immediately, which is very pleasing.”

Source: Ministry of Health

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