December 11, 2023


 By Margaret Sheard ….

We went along to the Black Olive Cafe in Alsancak where the members of KADS and TFR were rehearsing for their forthcoming production to be performed at the Black Olive on Thursday 11th October starting at 7pm.

There was a large group assembled ready to prove to their Director, Beverley Westbrook, that they would be word perfect on the night, and so we enjoyed an hour or so watching the various sketches.  I am giving a little information below but not giving too much away.

Four Yorkshire Men with Stephen Everett, James Gilroy, Ray Johnson, and David Wheatley.   In fact Beverley was rather amused at the fact that the 4 were actually from all points of the UK.

Four Yorkshire Men
Gabriele Stoppkotte and Horst Gutowski

Then came the old favourite, which we have seen a number of times, Dinner for One with the incomparable Horst Gutowski and Gabriele Stoppkotte (a new member of the group).

Next was the Dead Parrot with Stephen Everett and Ray Johnson.   This is an all time favourite Two Ronnie’s sketch.

Gemini Clement

A Letter from Guernsey to Cyprus was a solo performance by Gemini Clement, again a new member and of course she also hails from Guernsey.

Codgers Confused in Cyprus – a sketch featuring Stephen Everett, James Gilroy. Susan Turner. Diana Peek, Ray Johnson, Gabriele Stoppkotte and Gemini Clement.

Modern Man was performed by David Wheatley, Gill Newsome and Ray Johnson.

As some of the cast had not been able to make the rehearsal, the next sketch due had to be abandoned, this was the Two Ronnie’s Bar sketch which would have featured Carol Abel, James Gilroy, and Horst Gutowski.

Codgers Confused in Cyprus

I noted the scene changers who were doing a great job, especially as it was a very warm and sunny afternoon, this was Pat Muttrie, and Peter Clarke, who are part of the behind the scenes members.

Director Beverley Westbrook

While talking with Horst, he was delighted to tell me that 80% of the KADS members are also members of The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) and they really enjoy getting together with KADS for these productions.

So for an entertaining evening with many humorous sketches and a nice 2-course buffet supper don’t delay in obtaining tickets by donation of 65TL which are available from KADS at the Lambousa Saturday market or from Vicki at the Black Olive Cafe in Alsancak.


All proceeds from the event will be donated to Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) and SOS Children’s Village, Lefkosa.  To make a reservation or for more information telephone 0533 832 8121 or email

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