Girne Municipality and Girne Ada Lions Club event for children with leukemia


 A fundraising event (Kermes) organised by the Girne Municipality and Girne Ada Lions Club was held in Girne for the benefit of children with leukemia.

The income obtained from Kermes will be used in the Department of Paediatric Oncology at Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital, Nicosia, for the acquisition of otoscopes and ophthalmoscope machines for children’s eye and ear examinations.

There were stalls where the Girne Ada Lions Club members sold hand-made products, food and beverages, as well as various souvenirs, books and plants.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü congratulated the members for their good work on behalf of the civic and local governments.

Güngördü stated that it is very important for everyone to support the needy groups and expressed that they are happy to contribute to the activity aimed at meeting the needs of Child Oncology.

Girne Ada Lions Club President, Perihan Tuğbay, thanked those who had contributed to  the realisation of the event.