TRNC Ministry Of Health patient assistants training program


With the contribution of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Social Security and Patient Rights Association, a training program for Employment Assured Patient Attendants in State Hospitals affiliated to the Ministry of Health will be given within the scope of supporting Domestic Employment.

It is planned that the Ministry of Labour and Social Security will cover the investment funds and social insurance investments of the people who will provide services within the project.

In order to take steps for patient assistants, which has become a major problem in our country for many years and has been needed in our hospitals, a training program has been planned for citizens to be trained and supervised within our Ministry.

This program is designed to be flexible and continuously updated depending on the developments. It will be implemented by expert instructors in their respective fields in all regions.

Individuals will be employed in state security by obtaining their certificates as a result of the TRNC Ministry of Health training program.  In addition, it is aimed to eliminate the negativity of personnel, family and patients in our hospitals.

This project is supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security to promote domestic employment and to increase the workforce of TRNC citizens.

In order to participate in the program, which is planned to start on 1st November 2018, applications will be accepted until 20th October 2018. Applications should be made to the TRNC Ministry of Health Directorate of Inpatient Treatment Institutions.

Detailed information can be obtained from the Ministry of Health and the Directorate of Treatment Institutions.

Course Criteria

– Applicants must be at least a school graduate.

– Applicants must be healthy and physically fit, with a medical report from a public hospital.

– Applicants must be in the 20-55 age range.

– A character certificate will be required from the police.

– Applicants must be a TRNC citizen.

– Application form for the course (TRNC Ministry of Health Directorate of Inpatient Treatment Agency)

Source: TRNC Ministry of Health