Reviews Review with the No Straws Walkers


By Chris Elliott…….

Over the past months we have been in contact with a number of people concerned about the never-ending deluge of rubbish being washed up on the shores around our island and also more rubbish being left by selfish and thoughtless people on beaches and other locations.

There have been many initiatives by the government, municipalities, NGOs and individuals to try to educate citizens on how to be responsible when it comes to disposing of unwanted items plus carrying out clean up operations.

Progress is being made with recycling bins for plastic, paper and metal now being found in many schools, universities and some businesses and driving around we see many cages that have been distributed for the collection of metal cans.

What is needed perhaps, is a network of publicised locations where plastic, paper and metal can be brought so as many people as possible can be encouraged to take their recyclable materials to collection centres rather than dump it by the roadside, picnic areas and beaches.

This week after publication of a number of articles I met up with Gary Abbott Taff, Neil Clayton and Mark Ryan who are members of the No Straws Walkers group click here who have been training to walk Cape to Cape across North Cyprus on Tuesday 30th October in aid of the No Straws North Cyprus initiative click here and in the following video interview they tell us more of their plans and concerns.

Note:  It’s a known fact that plastic is getting into the food chain by marine life eating it, so the next time you have a delicious mouthful of fish, consider how much plastic you may be eating!