Minister Atakan visited Girne Municipality


Minister of Public Works and Transport Tolga Atakan visited Girne Municipality and met with Girne Mayor, Nidai Güngördü, and Municipal Council members.

During the visit, the Girne Eastern Circle Road, Nicosia-Girne Highway, Girne Antique Harbour, Girne Tourism Port and the Marina project were discussed.

Tolga Atakan stated that they are continuing their work in the Nicosia-Girne Highway and that they are currently working on the Girne Eastern Circle project. Tolga Atakan emphasized that the antique port and tourism port should be enhanced, expressing that the report has been prepared in order to overcome the problems. Atakan said that they want to direct all of the freight ships to the Famagusta Port and stressed that the Tourism Port should be reorganized to serve large passenger ships.  Atakan noted that they wanted to build a marina in cooperation with the private sector, provided that the State would decide between the two ports for the development of tourism and economy.

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü emphasized that priority should be given to working on the Girne Eastern Circle Road project in order to lighten the traffic burden in Girne and the eastern villages that are developing continuously. Nidai Güngördü expressed that the Municipality has considered an alternative route through Doğanköy to connect to the Ciklos District in order to relieve the traffic until the Eastern Ring Road has been constructed. Güngördü stated that the Municipality is doing continuous cleaning work on the roads under the responsibility of the Highways Department.

Güngördü also explained the sensitivity of the Municipality of Girne on the planned marina project and exchanged information with Atakan about what the position of the Municipality should be. Güngördü said, “The sensitivity and opinion of the Girne citizens on the marina project should be taken into consideration.”