September 30, 2023


By Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) ….

Many of you know our Community Warden Yuliyan (aka Hussein) as he has been with us a long time. He is often seen out and about carrying out one of his many roles (cat catching, dog darting, collecting sick and injured animals, translating, liaising with local authorities, collecting/delivering donations for our shops, the list goes on and on!).

CyprusScene pictures of Yulian many moons ago seeing Bambi off to the UK

Many a time Yuliyan is called upon to help in situations where others have not been able to help and often the incredible work that he does for KAR and the community across TRNC goes unnoticed and unrecognised …. well not this week…

The following is an extract from an email that we received in the KAR Office –

“I felt I must write to thank KAR for the wonderful service given by a member of your staff yesterday in Kayalar.

At the end of May someone abandoned a dog in the grounds of a villa up in Kayalar apparently because it was suffering from Leishmaniasis disease. Locked it in the grounds with no food or water and drove off.

Since then one lady who actually lives on the estate all year round and myself, who was in TRNC for all of June and part of July, daily fed the dog and provided fresh water. Unfortunately towards the end of August the dog became unreliable and actually went for one of the people on the estate and started to show signs of aggression and it became obvious he needed to go. The lady contacted her vet who supplied sedatives but unfortunately they had no effect whatsoever. The Belediye was contacted but did not respond despite being told the dog could become dangerous. Fortunately the vet who supplied the sedatives contacted KAR who said they would come out.

True to word, the gentleman arrived and his actions throughout showed humanity and consideration for the animal. He tried to get the dog in his cage but in your man’s words “he’s a smart dog” and despite the treats wouldn’t go near the cage. In the end the dog was darted but even then your man’s calm and considerate manner for the dog was marvellous and he managed to get him into the cage and into his van.

Unfortunately I didn’t get the gentleman’s name but please if you have a job rota where you can track who the man was please thank him sincerely on behalf of us people who were feeding and trying to keep the dog comfortable.

Thank you KAR”

We say THANK YOU Yuliyan ….

But also THANK YOU to everyone who works or volunteers for KAR. It may go unsaid but it doesn’t go unnoticed – you DO make a difference.

1 thought on “Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) have their very own Superman!

  1. Yuliyan is the epitome of a caring organisation, an ambassador. My late Partner, Mustafa &I knew him outside of KAR duties but often spoke with him at Karakorum branch.

    Well done for recognising & noting his hard work

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