September 23, 2023


By Nick Vye ….
Sanctuary ….

There are many books and articles written about this subject. Also many people have had this experience. What is not often said, it is just like the physical body is limited to this world, the astral body is limited only to the astral planes.

Where we have only one direction of focus, the astral planes are two dimensional of focus. It is possible to look back at yourself in the physical while outside of it in your astral body.

If you want to explore higher states of awareness you must travel in the mental body or the ultimate state is Soul Travel not limited and instantaneous, with no sense of movement, unlike Astral Travel. With Astral Travel, there’s a feeling of flying upwards through the ethers.

A common misconception is that one cannot get back, as soon as one puts the attention back to the body one is returned. Also with Astral Travel there’s an invisible silver cord from the navel chakra that connects to us, i.e. like an astronaut space walking from the space station.

One needs to be totally relaxed and with no fear to experience this type of travel. Many children also experience this when approaching their teens. This is because the Astral Planes are where our emotions come from and it’s called our Emotional Body. Children as well as adults who are very sensitive often have this experience. Often asthma in children is because they’re very emotional; hence Astral being the emotional body.

Within the Astral Planes, higher and lower are many states of being/awareness. The vibrations there are finer than here and the colours and sounds are more vibrant, and everything has a subtle aura. The main colour there is a beautiful soft sandstone pink in the higher Astral.

It is also the Astral Body, that we move into in the dream state, where you feel everything more real. This is because of the finer vibrations there. We can also learn much about our life in the dream state, as well as being forewarned about events that may happen to us, in the physical awakened state.

I will cover more about these Astral Planes in later articles.

With love light and peace, Nick Vye Sanctuary.


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