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Hope 4 Pets : Foster carer appeal for Drogo


By Emma Eminsoy …
Hope 4 Pets … 

As you all know coming up to a year ago now Drogo was rescued from the street, almost at death’s door.

We worked with a Doberman charity in the UK and after lots of love and good food and medication to help he recovered really well. He now takes his daily Allopurinol for Leishmania. A family fell in love with him and once he was recovered and well enough he started his travel prep to go to live with his new family.  Sadly, after 10 months and only a few weeks away from the date he could travel, a routine blood test showed he had a kidney problem. To look at him you would never know.

He is a good weight and shape, energetic and happy. And very strong!!  He has been receiving treatment and has a special diet to help.

Unfortunately he no longer has a forever home to go to.

His condition has not deteriorated further since diagnosis and has basically remained the same, only showing a very slight movement in the right direction.

If a foster carer could be found Drogo’s medication and food would be supplied by Hope 4 Pets and I would take him back if he became poorly again or whenever the agreed foster period ceased – whichever is the sooner.

Drogo doesn’t like cats and could maybe do with being an only dog so he gets lots of love and attention for however long he has to enjoy life. He has been fine with my daughter Olivia but that is the only child he has encountered whilst being with me. He pulls a lot on the lead but maybe with some extra time invested in training he would no doubt improve.

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  1. Dogs give unconditional love something most humans must learn…. I doubt if any dog is perfect.