TRNC News 28th August 2018


Özersay: “Greek Cypriot Administration’s attacks on our universities are increasing”

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kudret Özersay, stated that the Greek Cypriot Administration is increasingly targeting universities in the TRNC and shipping companies that are using TRNC ports and trying to suffocate North Cyprus economically.

Pointing out that this stance of the Greek Cypriot side harms the relations between the two sides, in the statement issued by Foreign Minister Özersay he said:

“It is understood that the Greek Cypriot leadership cannot tolerate letting the Turkish Cypriots catch a breath, not only over politics, culture, and sports, but also in the economic sectors. We are faced with a mentality that tries to cut our every contact with the world in the sense of economy. Then, they are saying that they want the relations between the two communities to improve, but this is just a contradiction and totally insincere.”

“While we are supporting the improvements of economic relations and reciprocal crossings between the two sides, such steps of the Greek Cypriot leadership to enclose Turkish Cypriots into the north side of the island causes a total disappointment. The existence of such types of mentality and attitude of the Greek Cypriot side cannot make us to give up on our struggle to maintain our existence as Turkish Cypriots on this island.  We are carrying out our own initiatives and we will continue to struggle in every platform against such attempts that harms the relations.”