October 1, 2023


By Nick Vye …
Sanctuary …

This comes from the Greek language. It means inner wisdom or direct knowing. So this science looks at states of insight into hidden depths of truth unplumbed by the discursive intellect.

Now with the onset of advanced technology, it is through noetic science that they are now able to prove some of the spiritual experiences many people have had in their lives.

From an early age I had that direct knowing and later on I put that down to teachings and lessons I had in previous lifetimes. Hence Reincarnation.

Now Noetic science is able to prove many of the psychic abilities people have, like intuition, memories of previous lifetimes, the ability to hold personal objects and relate things about the person who owned them. It’s called psychometry. Another is remote viewing, where some people have the ability to see and focus and recall, things many thousands of miles away.

Many governments now use these people to spy on other countries hidden bases and nuclear weapons etc.

Also physicists are proving now, many things about the power of the mind, which I mentioned in a previous article.

The police forces in the UK, USA, France, etc, have used psychics to help solve murders or find hidden bodies. They have used these people for the last 50 years, but you do not hear much about that.

As we begin to understand and accept these abilities, we will advance and become more aware of our true potential. Civilizations thousands of years ago had more understanding and use of these abilities, which were natural to them. We have far greater potential than we realise, and in my article (Temple of the mind) I wrote about it. We must broaden our outlook now, come out of that safe little box we have created and start to explore our hidden knowledge and true potential that we all have.

We must prove to ourselves, not expect someone else to show us. Today people want things instantly (like coffee). They are not prepared to work at it or study or practice for this discovery within them. Even today with all the information you can obtain from the internet etc, people say to me, prove what you can do. My answer to them is, you must prove it to yourself, otherwise you would not understand it, even if I did show you!! Another biblical saying from the bible is SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND.

Thank you, with love light and peace.

Nick Vye Sanctuary


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