Animal care

Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) News for week ending 24th August 2018


Whether it is a holiday period in the TRNC or not, the KAR team have to continue to do their good work for the stray and abandoned and injured cats and dogs, so thank you to all the staff and volunteers who made sure the animals were cared for during the Bayram holiday week.

Our little injured white kitten has now recovered and is ready for his new home.  If you can offer him a safe environment to complete his recovery and a loving forever home, please email the office at



Thanks to Sadie, for adopting our little black and white kitten who had been dumped at the shop in town. He is a right little character and we know he will bring hours of fun and delight to Sadie’s home.

Thank you again Sadie



Update on the Peke cross (Little White Dog)

The little boy has now been renamed and is called Luka.  He has now completed his time for owner search and is to be re-homed.

He will be neutered next week.  If you would like to offer Luka a home, please email the office at


Our new website is up and running so you might like to take a look at it.


Update on Distemper outbreak

Distemper is still active in the TRNC.  Please ensure your dogs are vaccinated and tested if you are in any doubt.  Your Vet will be able to advise as to the vulnerability of your dog.

Our advice is not to accept any dog or puppy into your home until tested.  Please take care.

Distemper (unlike parvo) is actually quite a short-lived virus in the environment (around 20 minutes up to 180 minutes in warm climates). It is a fragile enveloped virus  and this enveloped structure means that the distemper organism is very susceptible to heat, sunlight, desiccation (drying out) and most soaps and disinfectants. Consequently, a human owner that takes basic hygiene precautions (thoroughly washes his hands and clothes with soap) should not pass infectious particles onto his puppy or dog.   Likewise, although distemper particles can be shed into the general environment in the faeces and vomit etc. of infected animals, the virus should not last very long in most open environments (parks etc.).   Click here 

It’s virus not a parasite so they can’t survive for very long without a host. Just eliminate contaminated water and food and any droppings and you will be OK. click here  

Canine distemper virus, so called because it causes distemper in dogs, is not a very stable virus. Under ideal conditions, it can only last up to three hours in the environment. If it is frozen it can last for years, but once thawed it will only be viable for up to three hours. You should not need to wait any significant time before adding a new dog to your household, particularly if you follow your veterinarian’s vaccination recommendations for the new dog. If you are worried, canine distemper virus is able to be killed by regular household cleaners. The most important things to clean well or discard and replace will be your previous dog’s food dishes and bedding.  click here 


Do you love animals?  Do you want to help the vulnerable?  We need you, to help them …. please spare a few hours a week, trust us, it’s worthwhile.   For more information call our office – Tel 009 0533 869 4098