December 11, 2023


By Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) ….

Little white dog
Little white dog
Little white dog, little white dog, little white dog
Yip yip! (from Genni Kane “Selfies” Album)
Well we are not Genni Kane but we do now have a Little White Dog.

Suzanne, Steve and their family (Harry 10, Katy 14 and Kathryn 16) were holidaying at their holiday villa in Edremit and this lovely Little White Dog found them. He arrived at their villa on 11th August wearing a red harness. He was clearly NOT a street dog – and so began their 5 day search for his owner. He was taken to a local vet for a microchip check but didn’t have one (even though it is law here that dogs be microchipped and registered at 6 months old). Various local social media sites were contacted and he was advertised in the hope of someone recognizing him – but no one knew him. Despite lots of social media coverage no one/other groups were able to help the family apart from sharing and spreading the word.

The family were becoming increasingly concerned as they would soon be returning to the UK and young Master Harry was becoming more and more smitten every day that Little White Dog stayed with them.

KAR had been approached and explained that he (Little White Dog – not Harry!) could not be taken into our Rescue Centre as it was still on lockdown. But we knew that the family and Little White Dog needed help.

Eventually after many calls to many people an experienced  KAR foster carer came forward with space (in her heart and home) and agreed, dependant on test results, that she would take him (Little White Dog – not Harry!). But he would be with her in foster care until his owner was found or until, after sufficient time without his owner claiming him, a new adoptive family was found. The KAR Office Angels rang the family to tell them the news.

The family were delighted (Harry less so!) and immediately took Little White Dog off to the vet for his tests. Happily all of his test results were negative – so the next stop was the KAR Office in Karakum to wait for the foster carer.

It was an emotional time in the office as the family explained his character, likes and dislikes and how they had been trying to find his owner. They had nicknamed him Rocket. Harry was very keen to explain how he didn’t climb on the furniture ((Little White Dog – not Harry!)  and knew how to sit and was very friendly, liked to play, but he wasn’t too keen on lizards !!!

The family waited until the foster carer came to collect Little White Dog and then it was time for them all to say “Goodbye”. There were a few teary eyes (even from office visitors who were watching the farewells) and lots of last minute hugs.

PLEASE if you know who the owner of Little White Dog is please ask them to contact the KAR Office on 0533 8694098 or email

He is approx 2 – 3 years old, not neutered, not chipped, very friendly, loves being in the car, likes a bath and generally, our Little White Dog, is an all round good guy.

If no one comes forward then Little White Dog will be looking for a new home.

We hope that in his new home he may find another Master Harry as the two had very quickly become real true Holiday Buddies.

Thank you Harry (and family) for caring and for helping this Little White Dog.


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