December 8, 2022


 By Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR) …

This is Sid, who had been at the centre for nearly 7 years. Then one day Cariene, the lady who sponsored him, decided that she would like to take him to live with her in the Netherlands.

Now Sid was not the easiest dog to home as he was scared of anyone he didn’t know. So Cariene came back a week before he was due to travel and came to the centre every day in order to get to know Sid. At first he wouldn’t go anywhere near her but she was very patient with him and gradually he began to trust her. By the time his travel date arrived, Sid was happy to go for walks with Cariene and even happier to have cuddles.

Photos were taken just as he arrived in his new home and others are more recent. They tell their own story as you can see how happy he is.

This is what Cariene had to say about Sid’s new life.

Sid is getting used to more and more here, although many things remain scary, like for example a sheep. He is a very sweet dog for me and likes to be petted and loves attention. He follows me everywhere and sometimes I almost trip over him because he walks so close to me. He is very watchful, sometimes a little too much, then he barks at everything that comes into the garden. Sid loves cheese!

Greetings from the Netherlands”

Thank you to Cariene for giving Sid a forever home and we hope they have many happy years together!

1 thought on “A new home in the Netherlands – Sid’s story

  1. All Cyprus dogs are very special although some have been abused thus very scared of almost everything thus often difficult but with love and understanding they will eventually come around.

    Our Champions refused to eat or drink so long as anyone was in the same room… It took years for him not to has fear of a beating while eating.

    Now he wants me to hold his dish while he sits enjoying his meal. Every Cyprus dog deserve a good caring home…. The rewards dog give are too numerous to count.

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