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MAD are planning more support for the Ziyamet Special Needs School


By Mary Watson…
On behalf of Making a Difference (MAD)

Even though it is the summer holidays, the MAD group continue to work and plan ahead for the Ziyamet Special Needs School.

We are hoping for some exciting developments next year.  We will be able to appoint a new physiotherapist and the feedback from the school is that this service makes a real difference to the children, not just with their mobility but it also helps to develop other skills.

The school are appointing  a new Acting Head Teacher and some new teachers and the group look forward to meeting them in September to discuss new projects and trips.  Last year they were able to organise a trip to the beach and parties to celebrate New Year and Easter, with Easter eggs, toys and games.

Since MAD have been involved with the school the children have grown in confidence.  They love the opportunity to play together and enjoy all the new equipment that has been provided.

MAD are looking forward to another great year with the school.


Editors Note;

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