October 1, 2023


By KAR Pet Travel …

We hear it on a regular basis, and this week is no exception, from pet owners who are wanting to relocate their pets.

During discussions about their relocation it is often said “we don’t want to fly them from Ercan we can just take them out through Larnaca …. they say, “so and so did it …so and so told us it is easy….so and so can organise it” etc etc.

What the So and So’s haven’t made clear is that to take pets from North to South Cyprus is ILLEGAL – it is SMUGGLING and if caught the consequences can be very very serious.

We have taken frantic phone calls, in the past, from owners who have managed to get their pets into South Cyprus (ILLEGALLY) but then cannot get them any further – plus they then cannot come back into the North as their pet didn’t leave here legally.

It is ILLEGAL – it is SMUGGLING – to take your pet from North to South – please don’t put your pet at RISK.

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